Personal Financial Coaching

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TFCU offers Personal Financial Coaching at no charge!

This service is available to members and the Tucson community; appointments may be scheduled online and are available in person, by phone, or via Zoom.

About TFCU's Personal Financial Coach

My name is Lisa Atkinson. I have been a part of the TFCU team since 1995, focusing on resolving problems and finding solutions. I helped introduce Financial Coaching as a service for our members in 2006. I’ve been certified through the Credit Union Association program and am a Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach.

Coaching FAQs

  • What is a financial coach?
    • A guide to walk beside you as you set goals and. determine the path to achieve them.
  • In what areas can coaching help?
    • Creating a money plan.
    • Understanding and improving credit.
    • Understanding how to protect you and your family financially.
    • Planning for retirement.
  • What are the benefits of follow up appointments?
    • Accountability
    • Resource for additional coaching.
    • Encouragement
  • How can we connect?
    • Appointments are available at the El Rio Branch location, by phone, or via Zoom.
  • How often can we meet?
    • Single appointment,  with follow up appointments available.
  • What would not be coached?
    • Legal Advice
    • Tax Advice
  • Who can take advantage of coaching?
    • TFCU members
    • Community members

Lisa was wonderful to work with! I am a newbie when it comes to understanding credit and she was able to not only help me figure out what the best option for me was, but how to build my credit. I was feeling overwhelmed by the process but she really helped me feel confident to move forward in my financial journey!”

- Alison

Before working with Lisa at TFCU, my requests for credit cards and auto loans were decline due to not knowing how to navigate taking care of my debt. Since I started working with her after hearing about their financial coaching service, I have been approved for credit cards with great benefits, was able to refinance my car for a better rate, and my credit score has never been healthier! I really appreciate how passionate they are about serving our community.”

- Brody

Lisa has not only helped me learn how to budget, but it is helping me see my spending habits. She has been very patient with an old lady, and she makes sure I understand before she continues. She doesn't get upset when I don't learn something the first time and works with me until I understand. I'm beginning to see my financial state in a better light and to use the TFC website more effectively and efficiently."

- Louise

Ready to schedule?

Have questions? Call Lisa directly at (520) 322-7429 or email for more information.